The purpose of the paper was to understand what dropout layers are and what their contribution is towards improving the efficiency of a neural network. Through this, we see that dropout improves the performance of neural networks on supervised learning tasks in speech recognition, document classification and vision.

Generally, neural networks tend to easily get overfit due to their highly complex nature. Moreover, it is always more efficient to combine two or more types of algorithms to come up with the most optimum solution. In such a case, a neural network becomes extremely complex and it becomes…

Yes, you heard that right! Embrace yourself as we go on a journey that will be both engaging and surprising all at once. In this article, we will learn how to build an Emotion detection using Microsoft Power Apps’ feature AI Builder.

To start off, you will need a Microsoft 365 developers account. So make sure you create one or use what you already have. I promise you it won’t take too long!

Now, let’s dive right into the process!

You will, firstly, have to visit . …

Quarantine can really get on to our nerves especially with so much free time and nothing to really look forward to. But again, what’s a better time to up-skill and enter into new fields of expertise?

From playing your favourite songs on youtube, navigating to the best hotels, and recommending suggestions about “people you may know” on Instagram to dating apps, Machine Learning is prominent everywhere today. That is probably why it is extremely high on demand. Predicting the future has only been made possible with the incoming of Machine Learning technologies.

Firstly, let’s start off with understanding the broad…


At every juncture of life, we are given 2 options. Choosing one most often becomes a necessity. Given a choice between two of your most favourite foods, you would be lying if you said that you hadn’t regretted letting go of the “other” one. In this technological world full of possibilities, one can only imagine how many “what ifs” would have gone unanswered had it not been for digital twins.

A digital twin is fundamentally a digital version of a physical device. It bridges the gap between the technological world and the physical world. Predictions of optimum performance can…

Cloud computing has seen a huge demand due to its low cost, simplicity and efficiency. When you use a cloud, you simply pay for what you use and for the period that you use it for, along with a guarantee of high-level security. Today, being able to take your game wherever you go and playing it from wherever you want to, could only be made possible due to the features that cloud computing provides.

Cloud gaming bridges the gap between online gaming and public cloud platforms. What this means is that one can play games like Halo and Assassin’s Creed…

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